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Garden Art Sculptures

Garden Art Sculpture

Garden Art is the personal touch. Our Art sculptures can be either Bespoke or a Custom Commission piece.

Our art pieces are based upon different shapes of any size in any metal. Each piece is finished by hand to provide a magnificent focal point wherever it is placed. The primary shapes are Rectangle, Cube, ‘U’, Pyramid and ‘V’. Each piece can even incorporate different metals within it. You can choose one of our screen designs and have it made into an Art Sculpture under our custom commission option or one that is purely made for you under our bespoke option. email your contact number and we will call you to discuss your particular needs.

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Bespoke Commissions

Bespoke Commissions

Bespoke Commission provides a direct service to produce that individual statement in your garden. It could be a screen with your favourite flower or a design to remember someone, or one that extends over multiple screens such as the 3-panel tree screen illustrated.

We work with you each step of the way. We usually meet with you to discuss your ideas and see where the piece will be placed. We then provide a scaled concept sketch that will be appropriate for the project. We also bring and show you some samples of the appropriate materials and provide the cost and delivery time. Once all is approved we make your piece and install it if that is your preference. Custom Commissions The alternative to bring that personal touch is to choose one of our designs and we alter it by way of size, shape, and material that will make it your own. Your bespoke screen or security panel starts with a simple email. We will then call you so we can discuss your individual requirement.

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Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Our screens are made with our unique tab Tenon system whereby each screen slots into its adjoining post. Please be aware that each screen is a large item and therefore heavy. We therefore recommend that our screens be erected by two people.

To ensure that a screen will be level it is best to clear the area where it is to be placed and place a spirit level on a length of timber across two blocks of the same thickness each end as per the illustration (1). The ground can then be levelled ready for the screen’s erection.

Dig the first post-hole, 3 times in diameter of the post (600 x 600mm) to a depth of 600mm. Pack the bottom of the hole with clean rubble and ram solid to the depth you wish the post to sit. Add 100mm to the height of the gap you wish beneath the screen and place a timber block of that size across the ground where you wish the screen will be. (i.e. for a gap of 50mm beneath the screen the timber block will be 150mm). Slot the fence guide into the post’s lower slot and sit the post with its slot guide onto your timber block as per illustration (2). Concrete the post into the hole making sure it is perfectly upright and leave to set hard.

When the concrete is hard remove the slot guide. Set the screen into the post slots of the upright post and support it with the timber block at the opposite end. Slot the second post over the screen slots and stabilise using a length of timber or your colleague holding the post in place as per illustration (3). Make sure the post is perfectly upright and sitting tightly against the edge of the screen.

Support the screen and posts with 2 lengths of timber and concrete the second post in place as per illustration (4). After the concrete has set hard the supports of the screen can be removed.

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About Us


Design is made up of vision, material and light. Whether on canvass, stone, wood or metal, it is brought to life by an inquisitive thirst to interpret thoughts into reality. With 25 years in the landscaping environment we often found something was missing that would let a garden down. Beautiful plantings, natural stone and flint walling all made their impact, but a garden without division often makes it uninteresting and reduces the garden’s sensation of inquisitive welcome. Our decorative screens are made to separate one part of the garden from another and invite the visitor to the garden beyond. Our privacy panels camouflage a ‘not-so-nice’ part and instead provide a decorative partition. For something special and individual to you, use our commission service or our custom programme to have one of our designs customised in size or material to make it your own.

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